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The Slice of Love program was born out of necessity. In 2020, when schools moved to virtual learning, children were left without sometimes their only stable meal… lunch. Pagonis Pizza in Kaukauna saw the need and stepped up to meet it. They began offering free slices of pizza to school-aged children in need. Just because the pandemic is lessening doesn’t mean the demand isn’t still there. Slice of Love is an evolving initiative that will provide meals to those in need in our close community of Kaukauna. Hopefully, with the support of our neighbors, we will be able to offer meals to those in need in all of the Fox Valley.

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Dementia impacts personal independence, safety, relationships, care requirements, and even emergency response protocols. If an emergency occurs at the residence of a resident with dementia, it is important that first responders(police, fire, and EMT personnel) have immediate access to details about individual care needs. A tube containing medical history, instructions for resident interaction, power of attorney information, and more gives first responders the opportunity to provide the best possible care.   The tubes are purple because purple is the awareness color for Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias.

Memory Lane Gives Back: News & Updates
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